Capex Solutions take care of your complexities. While you take care of important projects or patients, we will take care of all your procurement complexities. No need for requesting quotes or planning layouts of wards, ICU, or theater, as these will take up valuable time. Capex Solutions will take care of this for you.

We will assist with the layout of all rooms as well as what equipment is required for your facility to function at optimal performance.  We will speak to trustworthy suppliers on your behalf to ensure best possible prices. We will ensure that you get the best quality equipment at the best possible price.

Capex Solutions, will ensure that all equipment is delivered on time and that all equipment are in good working order. All relevant paperwork will be handled by Capex Solutions and will be haned over upon final handover.


  • Integrate healthcare technology plan into current building project plan

  • Protect project against potential problems

  • Improving customer satisfaction

  • Understand financial merits and manage cost

  • Getting results through outside companies

At early design stages, advise customers on equipment planning based on clinical and economical objectives

  • Optimize the hospital architectural designs by providing “second opinion” on the architectural layout executed by the customer architect

  • Advise customer on an universal equipment layout to fit hospital architectural design

  • Advice on optimize patient, staff, doctors and visitors flow within facility design



  • Need-analysis and technology mapping within the business strategy and future business requirements

  • Design medical equipping plans (equipment selections, department by department, room by room, bill of quantity and specifications)

  • Risk management profiling of equipment and its implications on business

  • Guidance on equipment budget


  • Room data sheets

  • Operating procedures

  • Equipment assessments, evaluation and audits

  • Maintenance and warranty contracts

  • Equipment life expectancy

  • Equipment installation

  • Detailed asset registers 

  • Development of standard operating procedures

  • Strategic planning


  • Single source consolidation reduces customers administrative burdens

  • Undivided accountability & responsibility for performance and quality

  • Identification of potential and reputable suppliers (the right product from the right supplier at the right price and with the right support)

  • Negotiation of extended payment terms and supplier agreements on major spend items

  • Longer guarantees and extended warranties can be negotiated with suppliers (e.g. 5 year maintenance plan)

  • Cross-pollination of procurement skill into greater business



Identifying Major Risks
Identifying Major Building Constraints
Fit For Strategy Advice

Supply Equipment Bill Of Quantity Templates

Supply of Quality requirements and plan

Project cost budget with expenditure forecast

Detail project time schedule

Updating of cost and schedule performance
Procurement plan
Cash Flow plan

Equipment Quality requirements and plan



Complexity arises from trying to fulfil tasks not within scope of skill set. This in itself is poor utilization of resources as time taken to complete these tasks takes time away from core business activities which are aligned to skill set. Outsourcing the areas where there is limited internal expertise allows for best utilization of resources, thus aligned to optimized profitability.


Benefits when using us inculdes:

  • ​A successful project, everybody wins!

  • Alignment to up-to-date International Healthcare Market Trends

  • Saves time of key personnel, thus allowing them to focus on and perform principal functions

  • Enjoy the benefits of “bulk buying” with favorable pricing, as well as improved service delivery and increased risk mitigation